6 Places you must see on a long weekend in Devon

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These are places you must see if you’re planning to go to Devon!


Our first stop Clovelly. As we drove up to the village we saw signs saying that it was a ‘No Driving Village’. Amazing right? So we followed the signs to the main car park just outside the village and walked towards what looked like the entrance. Turns out, you have to pay to enter the village of Clovelly as it’s privately owned. At first we were thinking ‘What the?’ but as soon as you step foot in the village you’ll understand. It was £7.50 per adult which isn’t bad at all.

We made the long walk downhill to the village, all cobblestoned streets. The village was beautiful, so clean and preserved. We finally made our way down to the beach and started to make are way across the rocks to the farthest side of the beach. This is where we discovered a hidden waterfall, right on the beachfront.


We drove to Hartland for our first sunset. This place was truly incredible. To the left there were hills with a gorgeous view of the sunset and to the right the beach. It was a really great spot, and even better there was a cute little pub there too!


On our second day in Devon we decided to drive to Tintagel which is classed as Cornwal, this was about an hours drive from where we were staying. I recommend not going on a weekend as it was a really popular place. It had an amazing beach with bluey green water and hidden caves. As we hiked down towards the beach we could hear chanting and singing.. in the hidden cave there was a group of people just chanting, singing and swimming in the cave – as this is an English Heritage Site I think theres a lot of history and the hidden caves attract a lot of religions to them,

Rock Valley

As we were driving to find out next spot, we saw a place on Google that looked incredible. We ditched the car on the side of the road and made the 30 minute hike down to Rock Valley. This place can be pretty hard to come across as it’s not sign posted – just make sure you follow the ‘public footpath’ signs and ask any locals you see! As we got to Rock Valley it was truly incredible and even better, completely empty. I definitely recommend this place for a cute picnic!

Spekes Mill Mouth Waterfall

This was one of the most incredible places. We set out to see this waterfall for sunset, it was hard to find, not far from Hartland but we left our car on the side of the road and made the 40 minute hike down to what we hoped was the waterfall. We started to panic as it just looked like hills and the sea but we could hear the water running about a mile away. This waterfall is incredible, tucked away on the side of a cliff, it’s pretty hidden. Not only do you have this amazing waterfall, there’s also some great cliffs to climb for an amazing view.

Valley of the Rocks

Our last stop on our visit to Devon. The Valley of the Rocks is absolutely incredible, you can hike up to the top of one the biggest cliffs for an amazing view, but also a lot of people. If you want something really special, make the TOUGH walk down to the beach (the walk back is way worse) but it’s worth it. It’s quiet and really beautiful. We walked across the rocks, of course, I slipped over and fell straight on my bum but it was so serene and a definite must see!