Hips & Groin – Stretch and Strenghten

When I’m feeling a little stiff, I always feel it first in my hips and my groin area. This yummy flow focuses on opening out our hips and groins and increasing strength and stretch in those areas.

Leg Burner

Join me for this Summer flow where we’ll be building our fire energy and working on strengthening our leg muscles

Flow to Crow

We’ll be working on prep poses to help us tackle our goal pose of Bakasana. Building strength in our upper body and shoulders to help support us in inversions.

Wind Down

This 15 minute flow is the perfect addition to your evening routine, helping you to wind down and relax ready for a good nights sleep.

Rise and Shine

Want to wake up and instantly feel energised? This is the flow for you! This quick morning flow will get your blood pumping, shake away the fuzz and get you energised for the day ahead of you!