What Yoga Teacher Training is best for me?

Looking to do your Yoga Teacher Training? Here’s some tips on how I decided what the right course for me was:

Choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training really depends on what you want:

  • Style of yoga
  • Accrediting body
  • Course length
  • Specific teachers
  • Location

Before you can choose the right course, you need to able to answer these questions, otherwise you’ll rush into making the wrong decision for you.

Before I decided what Training I wanted to do, I did a HELL of a lot of research including going to look at course venues, because sometimes things really are too good to be true. 

Style of yoga

First off, I knew that the style of yoga I wanted to focus on was Vinyasa flow as well as gaining all the knowledge of other styles. Once you know whether you want to focus on a specific style or perhaps not focus at all you can really start to narrow down your search. 

Accrediting body

Secondly, I knew that I wanted a course accredited by the Yoga Alliance. My long-term plan is to move to Canada and this is a global body – I really wanted to make sure that I could teach around the world without any issues. There are other great bodies though, I would suggest either Yoga Alliance Professionals, British Wheel of Yoga or the Yoga Alliance.

Course length

Course length is a big one for me – I would LOVE to go to India, Bali, Spain etc and do an intensive 3 week course, but life. Unfortunately, this option isn’t practical for me, I work 9-5:30 40 hours a week and there is no way I would be able to take 3 weeks off to do this – SADLY. I’ve heard many mixed reviews about these intensive courses.

There are other options such as 12 month courses with  a 1 week intensive – this is such a good balance, you’ve got the 12 months to really digest everything with your monthly classes and then the intensive to really immerse yourself.

Some training providers also offer 4, 6, 9 and 12 month courses as they know that each person has very different circumstances. For me, I went for a standard 12 month course – I would love it if this was shorter or I could start it now but it isn’t and I can’t.

Specific teacher

Is there someone who you really admire and you would love to learn from? For me, I was pretty open to being taught by anyone but I really did my research first. Some teachers are really keen and a little pushy if they know that you’re interested. To me, if a teacher is willing to change their accrediting body to another one that they’ve previously stated they don’t agree with, something is wrong. If there is a specific teacher you would love to learn from don’t be afraid to reach out to them – at the end of the day this is your journey – own it.


Perhaps the decider for me. Because I work full-time during the week, I like to relax on the weekend, don’t we all? Therefore I really didn’t want to be travelling hours on a weekend to get to my yoga course, it really wouldn’t be worth it. I also really didn’t want to do a course in London, the journey is long and tiring and trains are just unreliable.

After I spent weeks and weeks researching I finally chose my Yoga School. Make sure you’ve addressed these before choosing your course – you really don’t have to rush. They are a lot of money and you need to make sure you’re getting everything out of it that you need.