3 Easy Ways to Add Yoga to Your Routine

Hey guys! Want to add yoga to your routine this year? The pressure is all around us to get outside, exercise, diet – the list continues. Now, don’t sit there and say ‘OH, but I can’t even straighten my legs’ or ‘I can’t touch my toes’ and any other excuses you’re thinking of hollering at me. When I started my Yoga journey – I couldn’t either and I’m pretty sure most yogis couldn’t but it’s so easy to add yoga to your routine.

Now, if you’ve got past those pesky excuses, here’s 3 ways that you can easily add yoga to your routine.

1. YouTube

YouTube is FULL of yoga flows you can try at home – and some are literally only 5 minutes. Set your alarm a little earlier each morning (OK – reality check, it’s gonna be hard on day 1 to crawl out of your cosy, warm bed but trust me it will be SO worth it once you add yoga to your routine). Some great channels I recommend are:

Alo Yoga: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJEi1foUiGObzzQM3QA2H5A. They have some amazing videos and they’re all from different teachers so you really get a variety.

Catt Meffan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVrWHW_xYpDnr3p3OR4KYGw. Catt is SO inspiring and her videos are great. Want a relaxing flow before bed? She’s got it. Want a wake up call in the morning? Yup – that too!

2. At Work

If like me you work in an office, sitting at a desk all day can really put a strain your body. Yoga can be so easily introduced at your desk to help with any aches and pains your feeling, get you motivated for your day and increase your productivity. Here’s a great post on 7 yoga poses you can do at your desk: https://www.doyouyoga.com/7-yoga-poses-you-can-do-at-your-work-desk-to-relieve-stress-68712/.

3. Everywhere Else

A lot of people think that Yoga is just about poses. Well, they’re wrong. Yoga is about taking time to listen to your mind, your body and your soul. Paying attention to your breathing, your encounters, your actions. So really, there are so many ways that you can include yoga into your everyday life. Taking 5 minutes a day to really focus on your breathing, let go of things that have angered you that day and really focus on mindfulness. It’s amazing when you realise how much our breathing affects the way we feel, mentally and physically. Pranayama (controlling the breath) allows us to find space inside of us that wasn’t there before.

I hope these tips are helpful to you if you’re thinking of exploring yoga and need a little motivation on how to add yoga to your routine. Also – if you’re looking for a yoga mat to practice on – check out my article on choosing the right yoga mat. https://yogawithlotty.com/what-yoga-mat-is-best-for-me/

x L x